so much have happen.

hi guys, I've been all over the place so to speak. My birthday (the 17th of december) were awesome! Me and some of my friends went to Theodoras, which is a rock club with bad techno music haha. But the beer is cheap and the people are friendly and fun. And a creepy bartender fell in love with me, sort of. Yesterday I went to a Pendulum consert, which was the best consert ever!!!! I stod a few meters from Rob, the singer, and at one moment we looked at each other (although I looked at him for two hours) .

So far, a super-mega-awesome holiday! More to come.


  1. sv: Jag hittade faktiskt Jeffrey Campbell på flying A i Stockholm, men bäst utbud finns ju absolut på nätet.

  2. åh! men grattis i efterskott! och star wars, åh! <3 kram