god save us everyone, will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns.

I'm thinking of writing some sort of novel about our world in a third world war. It's going to be about a couple, settled in different countries because of the girl who are studying miles away. And the last skype conversation they have before the bombs fall down and ruin the world, they decide where they will meet. You follow the man who travel to their meeting place although he don't know if she's still alive and are going to be there. A love story of a desperate man who long for his beloved girlfriend.


  1. äntligen hittade jag din blogg!! har inga pengar på min mobil just nu och din mail har jag inte heller..
    blir hemma idag, min hals vill inte bli frisk. hoppas du hinner läsa detta! och grattis på födelsedagen <3

  2. ja..
    åh vad är det för kamera??

  3. det låter väldigt intressant.