problems, but still going strong!

havin' some problems with blogspot, can't post pictures and so on. you can always find me on tumblr. www.youthtrouble.tumblr.com


New years is comin' up

My boyfriend have the apartment alone at new years, so we'll celebrate with some friends and some drinking stuff. What will you be doing?


Christmas update!

Hello everyone!
Im back from the snowy idyll that is Hälsingland. The christmas there was really cozy. Although it had all does key-moments (about 0,5 meters snow, playful dogs, christmas tree, nice weather, good food and a boyfriends supernice family) it wasn't pretentious at all. Im glad that neither my family is that way, or my boyfriends. It was a sweet laid-back moment, and I really got the christmas feeling going on.


going far, far away

In a few hours I'm off to the country (hälsingland for you sweedes). I'll take my iphone with good music, pendulum and muse and cozy movies like hp and lotr.

Hope you'll enjoy christmas, I think I will.


oh my love.


so much have happen.

hi guys, I've been all over the place so to speak. My birthday (the 17th of december) were awesome! Me and some of my friends went to Theodoras, which is a rock club with bad techno music haha. But the beer is cheap and the people are friendly and fun. And a creepy bartender fell in love with me, sort of. Yesterday I went to a Pendulum consert, which was the best consert ever!!!! I stod a few meters from Rob, the singer, and at one moment we looked at each other (although I looked at him for two hours) .

So far, a super-mega-awesome holiday! More to come.


god save us everyone, will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns.

I'm thinking of writing some sort of novel about our world in a third world war. It's going to be about a couple, settled in different countries because of the girl who are studying miles away. And the last skype conversation they have before the bombs fall down and ruin the world, they decide where they will meet. You follow the man who travel to their meeting place although he don't know if she's still alive and are going to be there. A love story of a desperate man who long for his beloved girlfriend.


heels and teen boy room.

The holiday's comin' up and also my birthday.


What if...

My life wouldn't, thats fact.

love you till I die.